On Comedy and Religion: ‘Landing’ and the genius of Vir Das.

4 min readJan 1, 2023

I do believe that the future of religion and comedy is secure, they both are synonymous to an extent, there are no silent static crackles of despair, pain, or confusion, and there’s no strain or tightness to that statement. I think religion will in the end heal everyone in a way that only the people who would know what it means to get shot would know. These people in the end, will be so afraid to get shot that the only way they will ever feel secure is through the silence of religion. Or laughter in a comedy show.

Today marks the 4th day of writing this essay, I’ve been jumping towards life these days, no less than a kangaroo. In the midst of this loud peace trying to work on this essay is like a failed attempt at reclaiming joy. A grotesque fixation can be seen in front of me, this failure of productivity and this all-inclusive, comprehensive nature of my incompetence are the stars of tonight, for today also marks the day when I would not complete this essay.

6 days since I’m writing this essay. After a point of time, you stop fooling yourself. The world becomes normal to you. Consumption of art becomes more than a task…guilt. I’ve often tried Introspecting my position to believe that sentence. But with time I understand and accept that. I love to take the responsibility to consume art and then talk about it. It’s not forced by anyone, not even me it just gets developed so that I can betray it.

The understanding of betrayal is also one of arid confusion. One moment you would want to rebel and the other you would want to betray yourself. That feeling is the center of no place. The center of writing a piece that talks about nothing but still is verbally active; it lacks an intense intellectual back but is sex-full enough to make you feel dumb. Synonymous with Gregg Araki’s Cinema. Synonymous with Kunal’s false full literature in his essays. Synonymous with everything subjective and synonymous with the definition of objective.

a: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations


The antonym to it is Vir Das’s new special ‘Landing’

Landing is a 2022 Comedy special by Vir Das released on the 25th of December on Netflix.

The comic dives deep into his childhood in India, the perils of outrage, and finding his feet in the world.

The art aspect in comedy has grown a lot; one of its reasons has been Vir. When Vir talks about India, homosexuality, men and their kisses, sand, and his life; every statement is born through a passage of rage, he’s angry at people yet he manages to forgive them. Landing works upon this idea of human hypocrisy and selfishness. Vir das finds the good in humans and respects the disgrace he has of bad in them.

The comedy of Vir Das is unequivocally funny, and he manages to escalate it further with his charm and intelligence. It transcends the boundaries of political correctness and it acknowledges it with statements that sound dumb but have a poignant and nuanced intellectual backing, Vir Das sure loves Toblerone; Vir manages to create a triangle of sadness amongst the people who are there to laugh and then he punches us in the gut, let’s us all fall, picks us up, tells us that the matter does not require guilt, then he stays silent for 20 seconds…We cannot help but laugh.

Vir Das is aware of what he is and of his selfishness with the world. I think every comedian has to have an acute awareness of their selfishness. He has managed to get this big theatre in New York packed where people who are there to see him know who they are. Vir Das celebrates that humans are insignificant characters rather than crying about it. Vir talks about suicide in front of them and makes it instantly funny…maybe that is how you’re supposed to consume art and life as a responsibility. To tell the truth but bend it just enough so that the lights of irony get understood. To understand the heaviness of the situation and the meaning of humor towards it. Vir has truly landed home.

Watching it I felt my meaning of responsibility was blurred through my vague, altruistic idea of writing. I think you write for satisfaction and selfishness and you stop when you feel satis…




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